Risks & Warnings

Whilst the artistic value and utility of the Merge, Burn and Mint mechanism may be sufficient to drive popularity of the Yammies Collection, the team aim to deliver a market-leading play-to-earn game that creates a new metaverse for brands and consumers to connect. In addition to the disclaimers at the start of this document, the team believe key risks include but are not limited to:

Game Development

Development of games features, functions and utility is critically dependent upon sales of Yammies, the number of players and in-game economic activity. Whilst the team have planned and scheduled the short term game development nothing is guaranteed and the game is dependent upon Yamgo Ltd’s ability to fund game development and its partners to help deliver the game.

Players Numbers

Given the nascent size of the play-to-earn gaming market and the low number of NFT games in the Hedera NFT ecosystem we may find it difficult to attract enough players. Targeting web 2.0 gamers or gamers on other platforms may be expensive and the Life Time Value may not exceed the cost to acquire.

Building and developing on your land in Colonysia

Whilst Colonysia aims to have more utility than just Yammies playing on its land it might never be possible to build your own presence or buildings in Colonysia.

Future Utility

Yammieverse Labs NFTs are intended as digital arts collectable ONLY. The value of Yammies, $YAMGO and Colonysia may go to zero and they might also not be transferable or liquid. All utility features may never be built and you should seek advice before buying Yammies.

Uptime and Redundancy

We aim for 99.9% uptime, but downtime could impact play whilst servers are offline.

Regulatory Risks

Regulations are expected to change frequently and vary from country to country which may impact gameplay, onboarding, trading digital assets and the number of potential players able to access Yammies.

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