Core Economic Principles

  • Yammies aim to be a sustainable economy and to fairly reward all players for their engagement in the game and in growing the ecosystem further

  • Yammies will always endeavour to provide a balanced gameplay experience that discourages larger players from taking advantage of newer players who are in a weaker position by reducing the rewards of attacking these players significantly

  • Through the inclusion of a “community chest” mechanic, Yammies will be able to fairly redistribute $YAMGO and other in-game assets to all players in the game based on their activity and via competitions/ranked gameplay rewards

  • Digital ownership is key, players have the ability to sell their on-chain assets both via Yamgo (at reduced royalty) and via 3rd party marketplaces (with higher royalties)

  • Customers pay to play for entertainment, fun or to fulfil the desire to collect cryptoArt

  • Playing involves skill, effort and in some instances luck. Winning increases rewards

  • Deflationary Tokenomics through token burning events linked to usage will increase scarcity as the ecosystem grows, potentially rewarding early adopters who remain loyal and play Yammies frequently.

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