Nectars are potions that provide different effects and benefits to the players. There are many different types of nectars available, each with its own unique properties and uses. Some nectars can heal you, while others can give you temporary boosts to your strength, agility or other abilities. There are also nectars that can provide protection against specific types of damage or remove status effects.

Nectars are single use items that are automatically consumed during battle at the appropriate time. For example:

  • Player one attacks the Yammie of player two with an ability that has a sleep effect

  • There are now two scenarios:

    • If the defending Yammie is holding a “Wakeful Nectar”, it will be automatically consumed and the sleep effect will be dispelled

    • If the defending Yammie is not holding a “Wakeful Nectar”, then the Yammie will fall asleep and will only wake up based on a random chance dice roll or if the battle ends.

The exception is nectars that have attribute boosting effects, for example a “Sturdy Nectar” that might add +4 strength. These nectars are activated automatically before the battle begins and last for the duration of the battle.

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