Ideal Play Session

The play session described here is based on an idealised version of the game that has seen the development of several key features and may not necessarily reflect the game experience during the initial development and beta phase of Yammies.

Aaron opens his phone and logs into the Yammies app. He goes past the menu screen glancing at recent news and updates and notices he has new notifications. Aaron checks the notifications and sees the actions that have happened while he was away. Aaron can see that he was raided five times. Two times his army was defeated and he lost resources, Three times his army prevailed and he gained resources. Today Aaron is happy that he has a net gain of resources, but he thinks about how he can keep his resources safe - maybe if he upgrades some of his units he’ll win five out of five.

As Aaron contemplates his upgrades he heads to the map and begins the process of harvesting his resources. Aaron notices he now has enough resources to merge his two Jumper ants and upgrade them to fire soldier ants. Aaron heads to his wallet, selects the NFT he wants to merge, the necessary $YAMGO token and resources are added to his transaction and Aaron confirms and then signs the transaction. Within a few seconds his NFTs are sent to a burn account. A few seconds later Aaron receives a single new NFT, this time he has been lucky - not only does he have a fire soldier ant but it has a special quality attached to it that makes it more effective defensively. This will help him repel attacks while he is away.

With his new Fire Ant in hand and added to his base, Aaron can see that he now has an available unit slot open. Aaron heads to the marketplace and purchases a worker ant. Aaron knows that this worker ant is the cheapest and least effective unit, but he has the ability to increase its value through combat or merge it with another worker ant he has in his army.

Aaron wants to test out the effectiveness of his new ant army so he plans on marching to a nearby player base to “raid” them. A raid is an automatic battle with the outcome dependent on stats of each player’s squad, the moves they have and some luck/chance elements in order to determine a result. Aaron is hopeful his raid will be successful so that he can win some of his opponents resources (dictated by the “type” of the land plot the player has). Aaron sets his march orders, the route selected by Aaron is 10 tiles away. The route will see Aaron travel over different land terrains, some more difficult than others. Prior to setting his march orders Aaron is shown a timer for “raid completion”, this time is based on the volume of units and the terrains his army has to pass over. Aaron funds the raid with $YAMGO and signs the transaction, baking in his orders.

Aaron realises that his base will be vulnerable while he is away. He decides to craft a defence barrier, one of many power-ups in the game, that will protect his base from invasion for a set amount of time. Aaron notices he doesn’t quite have enough of the right resources, he needs “Iron Ore”. Aaron heads to the marketplace and trades some of his wood for the ore he needs. Aaron has a few plots of forest land, so he is able to harvest a lot of wood every day. After receiving the ore Aaron creates the power-up and consumes it, giving his base protection from raids for a few hours. A notification comes in from Aaron’s guild. He sees one of the guild members has requested wood. Aaron gives the guild member some free wood, after all it was only last week that somebody else in the guild helped Aaron by sending him some Stone. Aaron collects his rewards from the guild reward pool. His guild was very successful in raids last week so they share the spoils.

Finally, Aaron heads to his wallet and finds that he has more $YAMGO than he expected in his wallet. While he was away from the game several people passed over his land on their way to raid somebody and he has earned some $YAMGO as payment for allowing passage over his land.

With his orders set, his resources harvested and his base protected, Aaron plans to log in to Yammies in a few hours and repeat his actions.

Throughout the week, Aaron logs in at regular intervals every few hours in order to claim his resources and set up new orders, this helps Aaron gain resources faster and increase his standing within the game. During weekends, Aaron has less free time, so he only logs in twice a day, during this time he can choose actions that take a longer amount of time to achieve. Despite having two distinct play styles Aaron is always earning and progressing.

Not so much for poor old Claire. Her Yammies have been battling Aarron’s and they had to take a few punches. Since she did not log on for over a week, she had not realised that her power-ups had depleted and now her Yammies were left completely unprotected.

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