Brand Onboarding

As the game scales up, new economic activities are expected to drive more utility for token holders including:

Branded events & content

Branded events and content within the gameplay could introduce new rewards for players as well as keeping the content and gameplay fresh and exciting.

The core mechanics of branded events and content will involve brands purchasing a large block of land (known as a hub) that not only acts as a logo/branding opportunity on the Yammies world map but also functions as a bespoke storefront that allows brands to sell branded in-game items/NFTs for $YAMGO, or their own branded tokens. There would also be an option for brands to sell their own products/voucher codes in exchange.

Digital storefront

Digital Storefronts could be created for Yammies through the sales of physical and digital (non-game use) merchandise. This could include anything from generic branded swag (T-shirts, hoodies, sunglasses, mugs etc.) to limited edition runs of digital/physical paintings, custom T-shirts and (if demand was significant) Plushies/3d printed models of Yammies and in-game items. This merchandise could potentially be extended to include other brands during sponsored events to sell limited edition co-branded merchandise.

Real-world events & competitions

When Yamgo has reached critical mass (circa 2m+ users) there will be an option for Yammieverse to branch into eSports activities with the hosting of real-world (and digital) events and competitions where players can compete to earn prizes and exclusive rewards. As well as being significant marketing opportunities these events could potentially generate revenue from competition entry fees and/or sponsorships from brands and crypto projects.

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