🖼️Colonysia Land NFTs

Collection Size 40,000

Token Burning Yammieverse Labs Ltd will also consider buyback and burn events based on the success and transaction volume of NFTs as the game scales up.

Buyer Fees Total 5% separated into 2 treasuries and with separate uses:

  1. 2% Buyback and burn: Used to buy back and burn tokens minted by Yammieverse Labs ($YAMGO and/or NTfs). Burning events are expected to be at least yearly.

  2. 3% Creator & economy: To Yammieverse Labs Ltd; during the early development, this might also be used to help sustain the economy including but not limited to liquidity functions, additional buyback and burn, ecosystem marketing and community rewards.

Distributed Storage of NFT’s IPFS (https://ipfs.tech/)

Distribution Yammieverse.com and via selected 3rd party marketplaces

Price Colonysia land are artworks with limited supply. There are several types of land, each with different rarities.

% allocation

Token Holders

Intended Use

Lock up period



Token Sales

Community sale, INO, marketplace sales, future token generating events




Ecosystem & community rewards

Club Yamgo members (up to 20%), Community initiatives including loyalty and reward programmes, early adopter bonuses, competitions, events, developers, distributors and ecosystem partners

5 year distribution plan



Yammieverse Labs Ltd

Staff, consultants, developers, artists, and IP holders

Up to 3 year lock-up with gradual release across all land types



Founding team

Recognition of their future commitment and achieving targets

Up to 3 year lock-up. Gradual release after year 1 and subject to employee agreements and vesting criteria


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