Merging / Upgrading Yammies

While Yammies can be improved through regular gameplay the only way to progress Yammies to a new class is through merging.

Merging will be a process where a player opts to combine two of their existing Yammies to create a new, more powerful Yammie of a different class. In order to acquire the most powerful Yammies each player will need to either purchase them from other players or use the merge function in order to build their squad up from worker Yammies all the way to queen Yammies.

The merging of Yammies requires players to not only consume in-game items and resources but also to consume Yammies. During the merge process the user will be required to sign a transaction that sends two of their Yammies to a burn pool, they will then be given a new Yammie of a higher class. This means that every time a merge takes place the total number of Yammies in existence decreases. The use of a merge algorithm means that the amount of Yammies required to increase by each class ramps up significantly with the birth of a Queen Yammie requiring 256 Workers to be burned (along with the other Yammies burned along .

Each merge also requires the use of harvested resources along with Fusogen Crystal, an in-game item that (in the lore of the game) enables Yammies to meld together to create a collectively stronger, smarter and more experienced Yammie that would be more effective in combat. As the game progresses we may opt to have merges that require either three Yammies of the same type or two different classes of Yammies, in this case the player will require a “Polyfuse Crystal” instead of Fusogen.

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