Levelling & Progression

Each Yammie is born with a base amount of attribute points, divided somewhat randomly (random with weighting) across four attributes: health, speed, strength and defence. For example a Bullet Yammie will have their stats divided randomly across all four attributes, however, a weighting will be added to ensure that strength is particularly high, as Bullet Yammies are designed to be strong by nature.

When a Yammie increases in level they will gain a small amount of additional stat points which will be randomly distributed across all four stats.

The random distribution of stats adds an element of organic growth to the various Yammies in the universe and also adds the potential for extraordinary Yammies to exist, for example, a worker who has a disproportionately high strength compared to the typical worker. This gives players added elements of value for both gameplay and resale value.

The progression of levels is derived from the number of Experience Points (XP) a Yammie gains throughout the game. A Yammie can reach a maximum level of 100.

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