NFT Utility

In this section, we will discuss the various utilities and intended functionalities of the Yammies and Colonysia Land NFT collections, which consist of 50,000 unique digital artworks for Yammies and a further 40,000 digital landscape paintings. These NFTs not only serve as visually appealing profile pictures and collectible art but also offer additional utilities within our in-game universe, creating an immersive and dynamic experience for collectors and gamers alike.

Artistic Value & Profile Pictures

For Yammies the collections comprise 50,000 exclusive digital artworks, each representing a unique character with distinctive traits and features. Our talented team of artists has crafted these NFTs with the utmost attention to detail and creativity, ensuring that each piece stands out as an individual work of art. As a result, collectors can take pride in their NFTs, displaying them as profile pictures on various social media platforms or in their digital art galleries.

Likewise Colonysia Land, which is made up of 40,000 unique digital landscape artworks, is a series of collectable artworks that owners can showcase as profile pictures across or exhibit in their digital art collections.

In-Game Utility

Beyond their artistic value, our NFTs also serve as unique characters within our in-game universe, providing holders with access to an engaging and interactive gameplay experience. Owning an NFT from our collection grants players the ability to control the corresponding character in the game, allowing them to embark on adventures, complete quests and participate in various in-game events.

Colonysia Land has several proposed areas of utility on top of being a collectable digital artwork, like the ability to earn $YAMGO token when players pass over your land, the ability to trade in-game resources generated on your land and more. The planned development path of the Yammies game would potentially see several more areas of utility added, like the ability to build on your land, the ability to rent land and more.

Merging NFTs

One of the most innovative aspects of our NFT collection is the ability to merge two Yammie NFTs together, resulting in the creation of a brand-new, third NFT. This process involves "burning" the original two NFTs, making them permanently inaccessible, and thus increasing the scarcity and exclusivity of the remaining Yammie NFTs in the collection. The newly created NFT will exhibit a higher ranked, and often rarer Yammie than the previously merged Yammies with a new series of traits and features, further enhancing its artistic and in-game value.

This merging mechanism not only adds an extra layer of excitement for collectors but also introduces strategic elements to the gameplay. Players can experiment with merging to discover more powerful and rarer Yammies, optimising their in-game performance and creating the chance to unlock new, and potentially very rare, Yammies.

NFT Utility Conclusion

Yammies aims to be a ‘fun to play’ game with a sustainable economy that fairly rewards all players for their engagement in the game and in growing the ecosystem further. Digital ownership and the ability to sell digital assets within the Yammieverse closed-loop economy or directly Peer-to-Peer are key features to help players and collectors earn from their gaming, merging and collecting of NFTs. Yammies and Colonysia Land NFT digital artworks offer a multifaceted utility that goes beyond visual appeal. Each NFT serves as an entry point into our immersive in-game universe, where collectors can interact, strategize, and explore. The merging functionality further enriches the NFT experience, fostering a dynamic ecosystem that evolves over time as players merge their NFTs and generate new, scarce and powerful characters which in turn will continually vary and enhance gameplay.

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