Document Purpose

This document will discuss the potential business and technical aspects in the design, implementation and deployment of Yammies, from its initial release as a digital art collection with up to 50,000 unique Yammies artworks and 40,000 landscape artworks that also represent virtual land plots on the planet Colonysia. Based on various prerequisites, e.g. the success of the digital collections and our ability to attract new gamers to the Hedera ecosystem, our vision as the project scales up is to turn Yammies into a game, so people can enjoy their collections in new and fun ways.

This document describes the fundamental aspects of the envisaged business model, gameplay, development and intended marketing. In addition to describing non-functional requirements, this document models the functional requirements with use cases, interaction diagrams and system models. This document is intended to help direct the design, features and implementation of the game and its ancillary components.

Although this document (and any supplementary documents) will aim to cover the wide majority of planned features, functions and objectives within the game there is expected that development will be an ongoing and evolving process that will require ongoing changes, funding, discussions and iterations. There is also no guarantee that everything will be completed and it is possible that the utility does not extend beyond that of a digital asset art collection. All development and utility additions are subject to risks and demand to play - see disclaimers above.

Prior to development a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will be agreed along with planning for successive releases.


Ryan Davies, Ian Mullins, and Rhys Davies

Yamgo Ltd is the development partner of Yammieverse Labs Ltd for this project.

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