Crafting allows players to use the resources they gather to create in-game items: nectars and charms. Nectars are single-use consumable potions that provide various status effects to the player, such as increased speed, removal of status effects and so on.. Charms are various items that provide buffs and debuffs to the player or their enemies, such as increasing the player's strength, slowing down enemy attacks or providing the player with immunity to certain status effects.. However, charms have a limited number of uses before they break, adding an element of resource management and planning to the game.

To craft nectars and charms, players must gather the necessary resources. Each type of nectar and charm requires a different combination of resources, and some rare resources may be needed to craft the most powerful items. Players can experiment with different combinations of resources to discover new types of nectars and charms, and the quality of the items crafted depends on the quality of the resources used. Once crafted, nectars and charms can be assigned to Yammies immediately or saved for later use.

Overall, the crafting game mode would aim to add depth and strategy to the game, allowing players to customise their gameplay experience by crafting items that suit their playstyle. It encourages exploration and resource management while also providing players with powerful tools to aid them in combat and other gameplay challenges.

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