Guilds are planned as a post launch update to the main Yammies game.

Guilds are groups of players that work together towards common goals. Guilds can be formed for various reasons, such as to share knowledge and resources, to participate in group activities, or to compete against other guilds in the game. Guilds add a social element to Yammies and joining a guild allows players to team up and pool their resources for the benefit of all guild members.

For example, a member could allow guild members to store their extra Yammies on any empty land they have or for members to allow their unused Yammies to be used by players with excess land and then split the rewards.

The addition of guilds will also bring about new game modes, such as guild wars, where each member of the guild earns “guild points” from their raids in order to make their guild the dominant faction in Colonysia and earn exclusive prizes and rewards.

Overall, guilds are designed to be an important aspect of the Yammies experience, providing players with a way to connect with others and to achieve goals that may be difficult to accomplish alone. They can also add an element of competition and social dynamics to the game, as players vie for prestige and recognition within their guild and in the larger game community.

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