Executive Summary

A social gaming metaverse where users collect and trade digital assets for their artistic value and/or for their in-game utility value in the Yammies game

High Concept

An NFT-based online game where players battle, collect resources, manage their economy and grow their squad (the player’s army) in order to earn rewards and climb the leaderboards.

Game Genre

Yammies is an idle strategy game with MMO elements.


Yammies is set in the world of “Colonysia”, a world made up of limited plots of land with each plot represented by a tradeable NFT. Colonysia is one of many planets in the fictional Yammies metaverse.

Target Player

Yammies is aimed at a general audience of players who enjoy mobile/social gaming. The Crypto/NFT aspect of the game should also appeal to general Crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors and HBAR holders who are looking for ways to exploit and increase their assets/collections.

Play Value

Yammies embraces the Japanese philosophy of “Nagara” gameplay, where the game works and events happen while the player is away. The world is always evolving and something new has happened everytime the player logs into their game. The player will be drawn into the game, investing time and crypto assets, making them feel committed to the game. This trifecta allows players to choose an idle style of gameplay or to embrace a more active role, with both playstyles facing different challenges, advantages and disadvantages.

Another key set of values that the game embraces are the three core pillars of social gameplay: Play, Express and Invest. This means the player should always be able to play the game, to express themselves, adding their own strategy and style to the way they play and invest their time in gameplay for a reward/surprise/update when they next log-in. Yammies takes these philosophies and enables players to express themselves in different elements of gameplay. Some players may choose to follow a strict, strategic approach to resources and battle. Some players might opt purely to play as a resource harvesting and trading game, avoiding battle, while others might choose to engage in a more active way - building their army to bulldoze other players and brag about their might. Each method provides value to the Yammies world, the in-game economy and the player community.

Core Gameplay

Core Gameplay is expected to include:

  • Purchasing land and harvesting resources to trade in the style of a merchant

  • Strategically purchasing land for earn rewards

  • Merging units to build the strongest army

  • Strategizing and creating march commands to battle other armies

  • Trading Yammies and resources in the marketplace

  • Taking part in events to earn new assets and unlock time-sensitive resources and items

What’s unique about Yammies?

Yammies is fun to play with a design philosophy that focuses on giving players a kind of dopamine fix in every play session! Designed to appeal to crypto gamers, first timers and NFT collectors, our unique approach combines three growth sectors with cross market appeal to create a new kind of metaverse.

The combination of the land purchases (and their inherent resource and tactical value) along with the “mint, merge, burn” mechanics of units, means that scarcity will always increase, while the proposed in-game resources should be acquired, traded and burned at a rate commensurate with the creation of units.

Another major factor (discussed further in the next section) is that Yammies will be entirely browser-based and require no special game engine (at least for the first version of the game). This will make the game available to the maximum number of people with a significantly low tech barrier to entry. We may find low end smartphones are the

Game Engine

The MVP of Yammies will feature a simple, board-game like interface for the map screen along with a trading card art style for Yammie Units. This will not require the use of a traditional game engine but instead will be driven by common web technologies like Javascript, PHP & HTML.

This approach will be taken in order to release the core features of Yammies as quickly as possible with the current team and talent pool at Yamgo. As the userbase scales and the roadmap progresses we will seek to move the game either into a WebGL driven/Web first framework like PlayCanvas or Phaser or, depending upon community feedback, transition the game to Unity with a view to offering a deeper, richer playing experience.

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