Economic Sustainability

Yammies has been designed from the ground up with extensibility in mind. In the long-term, the economy of Yammies will be sustained by adding additional features, functions and gameplay elements. This includes the addition of new types of land, resources and Yammies to add more depth to gameplay.

Additional potential future utility for land and Yammies

The ability for players to develop their land will require a greater use of in-game resources, new “crafting” elements, new unlockables and new ways to use Yammies. The composition and contents of a user’s land may also have an effect on how battles are won and lost. For example if a player has added several defence elements to their land then a stronger rival will have less chance of success during a raid.

The ability to develop land and earn passive rewards will make gameplay more dynamic and will also add social elements where users can visit another player’s land. For Yammies the introduction of new ways to use land will lead to the introduction of new heroes, new Yammies and new abilities as well as providing new functions and value for existing Yammies.

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