Hard Attributes

Every Yammie has four attributes: ❤️HEALTH ⚡SPEED 💪STRENGTH 🛡️DEFENCE

Attributes are the individual physical characteristics of a Yammie. They are integer numbers.

Each Yammie starts at Level 1 with a basic amount of attribute points that are randomly distributed, making each Yammie slightly different (although not entirely unique). Every time a Yammie reaches a threshold of experience points their level increases and they earn more attribute points. These attribute points are randomly distributed when a Yammie is created and again when a Yammie levels up.

In order to preserve the lore of the game and to give different types of Yammies a more distinct personality there will be a distribution weighting on the stat points. For example, a Bullet Yammie would be weighted more towards strength and less towards speed as in the lore of the game Bullet Yammies are large, powerful yet slow Yammies.

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