Creating Raid Orders

When starting a raid, the raiding player selects a plot of the land that they own from which to begin the raid, This plot must have a minimum of one Yammie assigned. They select one to six of the Yammies from their land to enter the raid and then choose a plot of land they want to raid from the map of Colonysia (The Defender).

Raids are funded by two commodities: Time and $YAMGO token.

Raiding any plot of land will lead to a “march time”. This is the amount of “real-world” time that will take place before the raider reaches the deafening land. The march time is determined by the amount of land plots the raider will need to pass over, as well as the travel difficulty factor of passing over that land and the stats and traits of the raiding Yammies.

The $YAMGO token is used to fund raids. The majority of the $YAMGO token cost is paid as “passage fees” to the owners of the land that the raider passes over on their way to the defender. This is designed as a way to provide extra utility to land owners, who will receive fees for all of the Yammies passing over their land.

The use of time and $YAMGO token as consumables acts as a mechanism for players to control their style of play. Some may choose to sit and play for hours, setting up short raids to nearby plots, maximising the opportunities to battle and develop their Yammies. Other players might set up longer raids and log in a few times per day.

When selecting a route the player has three options

  • Quickest - This is the route that requires the shortest amount of time to complete the raid but is not necessarily the cheapest

  • Cheapest - This is the most direct route to the defending land and requires the least amount of $YAMGO to fund.

  • Custom - Players can select their own route of land tiles to pass over, this could be to create a balance between time and cost or to pass over specific plots or to reduce costs by passing over land that they own

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