Land & Yammie Rental

Although Yammies is designed as a low effort game that can be played by anybody there is likely to be a number of players who want to collect Yammie and land NFTs without taking part in gameplay, meaning that the gameplay value of NFTs they hold will be nullified. Land and Yammie rental could be designed as a mechanic to unlock the utility of these NFTs by enabling the NFT owners to “rent” use of their NFTs to a player in-game without the NFT using their wallet. This means that a player could use the land and Yammies within the game but wouldn’t physically hold the NFT. There are two ways Yammie & land rental could operate:

Upfront Rental Fee

In this model a player rents the rights to use an NFT for an upfront fee (on a weekly/monthly basis) and would keep all of the rewards earned from the NFT. This puts the onus on the renter to earn as many rewards as possible to justify their rental fee.

Split Rewards

There is no (or a small) upfront rental fee but the rewards earned by the player via the rented NFT would be split 50/50 between the NFT owner and the renter. This enables people with lower income to access much more valuable NFTs and to create value for collectors through intensive play.

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