What is Yammies

Enter the Yammieverse.

Yammies is a game universe filled with wondrous ant-like creatures (Yammies) that players can collect and recruit. Yammies is an NFT-based play-to-earn game built on Hedera Hashgraph where players aim to collect, raise, enhance and merge their Yammies and trade or battle with other players to collect resources, improve their stats and increase their land ownership.

Yammies puts the power in the hands of the players. Yammies enables players to own part of the in-game economy through the trading, harvesting, retrieval and plundering of rewards and resources through a combination of sound gaming and economic stratagem, tactics and skill.

Yammies offer a wide range of gaming experiences and playstyles. Some players may choose to participate on an economic strategy level, trading and harvesting resources on their land to earn rewards. Some players may choose to PvP battles to climb high into the game rankings and attain bragging rights alongside resources. Other players might choose to play as part of a community, playing a warrior or supporting role in a guild to achieve joint success. All of these styles provide different levels of fun and strategy but offer the same level of enjoyment and rewards.

Add to this an overarching Yammiverse narrative with regular community events that require the entire community to join together to complete quests, defeat bosses and unlock new stories, new resources, drops and more land.

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